By Alexis Calvié - Black Heart Tattoo

Has anyone seen my snowshoes? - by: John Conwest

The last thing I’ll ever design on my 7 year old Mac Pro. I’ve created thousands of designs on it, but decided it was time for an upgrade.
In other news, excited to go to Colorado next week to spend some time with cool people and bison.
#Design #AppleForever #😭 #Colorado

@atomicski came through with some great poster, such a great weekend with @nickmcnutt who straight killed it in this years movie as well as everyone else in the film ! @sageca @crazy_karl @ianmcintosh @colterjh @angelcollinson @hoodylan @johncollinson @dlonge @thepowdahound @josschristensen @danaflahr  @chrislaker @tgrtoddjones @toddligare @griffpost #tgrfilmtour (at Downtown Jackson Hole!)